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Cloud solution architects

Businesses today run on sensitive and crucial information. Simply deploying workloads on a cloud platform is insufficient to meet escalating business needs and competitive challenges. Without a reliable and configured data system, your business may encounter data loss, which can make or break your business due to costly downtime.

Cloud computing describes the on-demand availability of cloud management computing services such as networks, servers, storage, software, and security on the internet. Cloud management services offer a personalized experience to businesses that can be designed to fit their exact needs with all the necessary tools in a single, secure place.

Expert cloud service management for you.

Whether your organization runs on a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, managed cloud service providers like us optimize application delivery and support organizational goals. AK Computer Solution extensive knowledge about the cloud can enable your company to reduce cloud management headaches—from requirements to compliance to regulations, and improve system performance..

Benefit from a full suite of cloud solutions.

From an extensive offering of consulting and support services to cloud data backups to ensure you never miss a beat, cloud management services work around the clock so you can rest easy. Collaboration has never been more efficient and secure. Blackpoint IT offers all the cloud solutions you need.

We're not like other IT companies.

AK Computer Solution helps small businesses obtain an edge by giving clients transparency and clarity on essential metrics, intelligence that drives decision-making, and around-the-clock support at no additional cost. We provide IT solutions and value-added services that enhance the process and solutions you need to keep your IT infrastructure simpler and manageable.

Customized to meet your business requirements.

Reduced cost

Only pay for what you use. The cloud has built-in features that accommodate your business size and structure at no additional cost..

Cloud management

Integrate proven effective business practices and policies that drive continuous innovation to coincide with your organizational goals.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored in a HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliant data center. HIPAA, PCI and SOX are just a few of the regulations imposed by the US government. You can focus on your core applications directly related to your business and not on the day-to-day maintenance involved with servers, networks, and security.

What cloud services do you offer?

Our cloud solutions range from public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Whether you’re planning to move to Microsoft Azure or other cloud providers, AK Computer Solution tailors its services based on your requirements.

What cloud-based solutions are available?

We offer private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions for your business. Our cloud architects can help you migrate essential parts of your business over to the cloud and manage it for you. We also offer private cloud servers, keeping your digital assets safe and secure.